Yvonne Katz, formerly supt. of Beaverton OR and Spring Branch TX school districts, embarrassing retiring Westview High principal Len Case.

Dan Wieden talks about the night he wrote "Just do It" to a fascinated Wesview High School Media Studies class in 2001.

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle
Chamberlain's three-and-a-half year manipulation of teacher discipline case conceals misconduct of Linda Borquist and Hollis Lekas of the Beaverton School District while interfering with the outcome of a federal lawsuit in support of an attorney formerly employed by the Beaverton School District, Nancy Hungerford.

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle
"First of its kind in Oregon" decision helps unethical lawyers manipulate federal law suit after Beaverton administrators violated teacher employment contract

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit
Tom Doyle of the OEA collaborates with OAH lawyers and Vickie Chamberlain of the TSPC

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing
Chamberlain's delay protects Nancy Hungerford, former attorney for the Beaverton Schools, who colluded with attorneys for the OEA and the state of Oregon to violate a teacher contract and deny due process in a federal civil suit.

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Leadership Academy for Beginning Principals
July 18, 19 and 20, 2007
Linfield College

The Faculty:

Linda Borquist, Academy Coordinator

Victor Musial, Field Operations Director, OSEA

Colin Cameron, Director of Professional Development,COSA

Jill O'Neil, Principal, Beaverton Middle School - OMLA President

Vickie Chamberlain, Executive Director, TSPC

Kris Olsen, Principal, McMinnville High School - OASSA President

Matt Coleman, Principal, Westview High School

Shannon Priem, Communication Services Director, OSBA

Vickie Fleming, Superintendent, Redmond SD 2J

Perla Rodriguez, Principal, Cornelius Elementary School - OMLA President

Shawna Harris, Field Representative, OSEA

Nanci Schneider, NWREL

Craig Hawkins, Communications Director, COSA

Valerie Sebesta, Oregon Education Association

Sally Leet, Principal, Oak Grove Elementary School - OESPA Past President

Brian Traylor, Principal, Corvallis Elementary School - OESPA President

Holly Lekas, Regional Administrator, Beaverton SD 48 Joe Wehrili, OSBA

Michael Carter, Superintendent, Rainier SD 13

Philip McCullum, Director Administrative Licensure, University of Oregon

Authentic evaluation legally dated

Authentic evaluation legally dated
signed by retiring principal Len Case

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03
Entered fraudulently at Fair Dismissal Appeals Board hearing: Malcolm Dennis (forced resignation; secrecy agreement) and Chris Bick, signing principals

Q: WHO Hires Your Teachers and Administrators?!?

A: Unaccountable public school millionaires

"BEAVERTON SCHOOLS HIRE CONSULTANT TO MONITOR LOSS OF EMPLOYEE INFO: Timesheets for 1,600 workers reported missing in July from district facility" by Ray Pitz The Beaverton Valley Times, Aug 21, 2006


 by Victoria Blake BEAVERTON VALLEY TIMES 04/29/04


Yvonne Katz, former superintendent "IS DISTRICT CLEANING UP KATZ' LITTER?"

 See: "Beaverton will replace Westview principal" by Anitha Reddy OREGONIAN November 12, 2004

What's that you say, Mrs. Robertson?
"SCHOOLS LET SEX CASES SLIDE" by Amy Hsuan, Melissa Navas and Bill Graves

"Beaverton schools will see changes in leaders, staff" by Melissa Navas The Oregonian, February 15, 2008 
BEAVERTON -- Some Beaverton School District schools will see new principals next school year as the district fills vacancies and promotes others to central office positions.
One notable position change is at Southridge High School where Principal Amy Gordon has been permanently replaced by Todd Corsetti, a former assistant principal at Sunset High School. The district continues to pay Gordon, who has been on leave since November, her annual $120,000 salary.
Gordon's leave will continue until early September, according to Sue Robertson, chief human resource officer. Robertson would not say what the nature of her leave is and did not specify whether she'd return.
"I didn't say she's coming back," Robertson said. "Her leave ends then."
Robertson added that there was nothing unusual about Gordon's leave.
"It's not disciplinary, it's not any of that," Robertson said.
Gordon could not be reached for comment.
Len Case, a retired Beaverton administrator, served as Southridge's interim principal for the remainder of last school year.  

"Millionaires on Merlo Road" sign?

John Huelskamp's campaign truck

Mr. Huelskamp, beyond his duel role as principal and parent, assumes a third as the proponent of the Local Option Levy being considered in the upcoming election ("Sunset High School principal and dad protests large class sizes" by Wendy Owen, The Oregonian April 08, 2013).

No one wants a lot of kids in a classroom but giving BSD administrators more money might not be the answer to that problem.

Beyond more money, what are BSD's strategies for a 60-student classroom?

Because they DO exist and many, if implemented properly, will be more effective than a lot of stuff going on back when the BSD ran huge budget surpluses.

Such as:
1. REALLY use volunteers.
2. Promote a culture of group learning by training teachers to turn each big group in to several smaller groups...and those groups into smaller groups.
3. Use space differently. The million-dollar theater could serve education more equitably.
4. Abandon the ideology of "one teacher = one class." I nstead, pool groups of kids and allow groups of teachers (and support staff/volunteers, etc.) to plan how to use the time and space they are alloted.
5. Most significantly, why can't Mr. Huelskamp and his colleageus in Beaverton school adminstration spend a ltitle time in the classroom. He works for an organization that historically manufactures a lot of millionaires on Merlo Road.

Someone should put that sign on a truck.

Like Captains Abandoning Ships: Lisa Shultz Resigns Mysteriously from Beaverton School Board

Beaverton School Board has a Full Agenda

Like a family torn by unspoken shame, the Beaverton School Board will assemble publicly and behave as if all is well at home. A brave public face.

These folks, with vast influence and power over the livelihoods of so many Beaverton citizens, will make decisions tonight that will affect the futures of hundreds--no, thousands of others.

The agenda will include a visit from a prominent state-level education official so the publicity will be heightened. This is BSD PR whiz Maureen Wheeler at work.

Everyone will put on a brave face, occasionally fidgeting and looking away from all the cameras, and all of them will try to forget, for a while, the secrets they keep.

Secrets that led to Ms. Shultz's departure. Secrets that maintain the facade of functionality for a VERY expensive public enterprise.

But Lisa is leaving...and why?

Mr. Ben Cannon, the new face of Oregon education reform, will address an assortment of people gathered tonight. Many of these educators and board members are prominent in our community, but they are people who have systematically placed themselves first in line at the Beaverton public education buffet for many years.

An identifiable problem Mr. Cannon could easily address in his public appearance tonight is the number of conflicts-of-interests that are present when the Beaveton School District leadership congregates.

And how much money the secretive BSD leaders are able to spend unaccountably, to hide unsavory personnel issues that might taint Ms. Wheeler's scripted public images.

A lot of big decisons will be made when the Family gets together tonight...

But Lisa is leaving...and why?

Without oversight and accountability for school administrators in the Beaverton School District, education reform is smokescreen hypocrisy that taxpayers can no longer afford.

Anitha Reddy Oregonian October 28, 2004

See also: TeachingintheShadowoftheSwoosh.blogspot.com

BSD Board Member Ann Jack's Curious Departure

"Ann Jacks, Beaverton school board member, resigns"
March 08, 2007 by Seth Prince, The Oregonian

Longtime member Ann Jacks has announced plans to resign from the Beaverton School Board.

An e-mail from Jacks announcing her plans to step down was posted onto an online message board Wednesday. The online group, called the BSD Math, includes some of Jacks' most active supporters.

In her e-mail, Jacks said she was resigning so that she could travel with her recently retired husband, Ed. The Jacks have purchased a sailboat and will set sail for about two months, leaving on March 21.

She said she plans to make the official announcement at Monday's school board meeting.

"By resigning now, it will allow someone to step forward to be elected instead of being appointed by the board," Jacks wrote.

The timing of Jacks' resignation will mean the position will be up for a vote on the May 15 ballot. The filing deadline for candidates is March 15. Four other seats, including Chuck Meyer, Priscilla Turner, Tom Quillin and Jeff Hicks, are also up for election.

The candidate for Jacks' position, zone 4, would serve the remainder of her term, which expires June 2009.

For the past several months, Jacks has been the lone dissenter on the Beaverton School Board, slapped with several controversial blowups this year. The district's math adoption and decision to use a lottery for enrollment into its options programs has fueled opposition from a growing group of parents.

-- Amy Hsuan, amyhsuan@news.oregonian.com

"Two file for Jacks' Beaverton School Board post...Three of five board seats on May ballot will be contested" by Ray Pitz The Beaverton Valley Times, Mar 26, 2007

Two people filed Monday for Ann Jacks' vacant Beaverton School Board position.
Aloha residents Sarah A. Smith and Denise Ann von Nagy had filed for the school board's Zone 4 position with Washington County's elections division.

Candidates will be on the May 15 special election ballot.

Smith is a former psychology teacher who has been a member of the school district's health cadre, a committee chairwoman for the Hiteon Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization, a local school committee member for Mountain View Middle School and a parent adviser for the adoption of math and language curricula....

Resignation confusion

Jacks resigned March 13, but her formal resignation wasn't accepted by the board until March 16, following a week of questions regarding how to fill the slot.

After consulting with state and local elections officials, the district determined that the interested applicants have 10 days to file after the board officially accepted Jacks’ resignation.

I’d just like to say that this has been a very confusing situation,” said School Board member Karen Cunningham.

Jacks told the board March 12 that she was resigning to spend two months aboard a new sailboat she and her husband had recently purchased.

At that same meeting, Jacks gave conflicting messages about wanting to serve in her board position until June.

News of Jacks’ departure came as a shock to some board members with many hearing of it through a Web site, BSD Math. Adoption of the current math curriculum has been the point of contention among some parents.

During last Friday’s meeting, all board members except Craig Irwin accepted Jacks’ resignation. Contacted later, Irwin said his dissenting vote was a protest about the process.

“I’ve been concerned that this has been a calculated attempt to create a vacancy at the last minute,” Irwin said of Jacks’ departure. “I just don’t think that’s fair and equitable to the community at large.”
Irwin believes community members don’t take running for the school board lightly.

“Nobody knew that Ann was going to do this except this small group of people,” said Irwin, referring to the BSD Math group. “I’ve always been concerned with groups or candidates with a narrow agenda.”

Turner withdraws

In addition to Jacks’ resignation, both Chuck Meyer and Board Chairwoman Priscilla Turner said they would not seek re-election.

Meyer made his announcement at the regular board meeting. Turner, who had originally filed for re-election, withdrew her application on March 14.

“I just gave it a lot of thought and thought it was time to give someone else that opportunity (to serve),” said Turner, who has been a board member for eight years. “I felt it was just about the right time.”

Turner said she was contacted by two people interested in the seat shortly after she filed for re-election. Turner said she was comfortable removing her name from the ballot after Mary Vanderweele filed...

Beaverton School District Avalanche: No Single Snowflake's Fault

Lord Acton said, "Evil Fourishes when good men do nothing." Basically, we find it easier to remain silent. George Burns was more cynical about a citizen's responsiblity to the group when he said, "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

Attention, please, Oregonians: The former U.S. Superintendent-of-the-Year is a phony who just went to jail. Cheating is mainstream. Public school as an American institution is WAY different than it was a decade ago.

As our legislature grapples with tough questions about PERS reform while a huge amount of human energy and public resources are being devoted to improving public and higher education, we should look to ancient Rome where, in this earliest of democratic governments, an engineer who designed an arch stood beneath it when the capstone was put in place.

Bold changes are called for. Without accountability for school administrators and collegial government bureaucrats, reform is smokescreen hypocrisy.

"Sometimes," he explained, "adults give you a lot of attention and then drift away."

Thank you for your insightful report providing the students' point of view. 

When I was building a video production program at Westview in the early 2000's, I encountered grief because I intentionally kept the program focused on accessibility to "non-techies"...girls, minorities, poor kids. We edited a LOT of movies with iMovie instead of a few with Final Cut Pro; that didn't always make me popular, but I was the one of the only teachers assigned 9th-12th graders in the same classes.

I took pride in the fact that the Westview ESL director, Paula Westphal, testified at my FDAB  "hearing" that she assigned shy Asian girls to my over-crowded classes because they were accepted and assimilated. Since I had worked with deaf kids for many years before becoming a public school teacher, I also got the deaf kids in my classes and we were always able to enrich those classes because of their presence. 

My background in deaf education included a lot of training in behavior modification so I got a disproportionate share of kids with behavioral challenges--I called them "sweat hogs" in deference to the old TV series.

My department also became the unofficial home to the skateboarders and the Anime club.

But we were ALWAYS short of  equipment. When Westview converted from linear to digital editing, we started with new G-3's with 4 gB of hard drive--not much for video I learned quickly--and we had to work in groups and share. If you know teenagers, you realize that was the hardest part of my job. 
A lot of kids stayed late in the afternoon and came in on weekends to get access to editing equipment.

Still, even full of ESL and special ed kids, the video and media program attracted a lot middle class-ness (my last day working as a public school teacher--Jan 2004--was spent helping Nicole Hermann, Bobs' daughter, make video highlights to apply for college scholarships). Some kids were able to supply their own cameras--we couldn't have made projects without their generosity. 
In the early days at Westview, my equipment was routinely removed from my classroom without my knowledge. I was one of the disposable teachers and I was given students whom others did not wish to teach. 

I fought to change that status and eventually was fired illegally.

The Westview asst principal, Gail Vangorder (who would eventually solicit contrived sexual harassment charges against me) admonished me in my first year at Westview for allowing students to edit video projects instead of attend pep rallies. Her direct employees, librarian Jennifer Jordan and Westview IT director Mike Ali (now president of the BSD custodians' union?), figured prominently in the FDAB case from which the state's TSPC director accepted certain facts as true in an unprecedented finding by a former ALJ.  (See attachment)

There seems to be a lot of greed in public education, Susan. Beaverton, to paraphrase Twain, is not only in that parade but carries the banner. When I asked to quit in late 2003, I was instead fired...for four years. The OEA rep, the TSPC director and the beat writer from your paper helped extend this protracted process.

My mom, a special ed classroom teacher for 35 years, died watching me fight lawyers beign paid by the BSD and the OEA.

The people who teach the kids you were writing about are not shopping at Nordstrom and sipping lattes in conference rooms in Salem. The teachers for the kids you write about are exploited and undermined routinely, chattel in a broken system, abused by our leaders and their lawyers.

I have held teaching licenses in five states and have worked as a sign language interpreter in a lot of classrooms ("fly on the wall"). I have learned this about education: Real teachers don't care about the money. They want respect and the opportunity to be successful. My bosses in Beaverton made it hard for me to teach the kinds of students you write about. They paid lawyers to take my career when I questioned them. 

My experience is that real opportunities for teaching are too rarely available in Oregon's public schools. Perhaps that is where we should focus reform efforts?

Don Bellairs, teacher

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's fundraising organization, the BEF...

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's  fundraising organization, the BEF...
...representing herself as superintendent.

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson
...blocking access to evidence that would demonstrate Beaverton administrative misconduct.

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...
...after waiting on FDAB results.

Justice delayed...

Justice delayed...

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty
Her actions were designed to affect the outcome of a federal lawsuit. She lost her job consequently (Like me, she was small enough to fail). The improper use of TSPC "stipulations" and "pass-the-trash" deals effectively lets lawyers and bureaucrats in Oregon education play "God" with student welfare and teacher careers...

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle
Signing stipulations to protect BSD administrators who violated employment and civil rights laws

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud
Mark Toledo tries to cover up for Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle
Wolf abdicates leadership of union's membership to OEA "Advocacy"