Yvonne Katz, formerly supt. of Beaverton OR and Spring Branch TX school districts, embarrassing retiring Westview High principal Len Case.

Dan Wieden talks about the night he wrote "Just do It" to a fascinated Wesview High School Media Studies class in 2001.

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle
Chamberlain's three-and-a-half year manipulation of teacher discipline case conceals misconduct of Linda Borquist and Hollis Lekas of the Beaverton School District while interfering with the outcome of a federal lawsuit in support of an attorney formerly employed by the Beaverton School District, Nancy Hungerford.

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle
"First of its kind in Oregon" decision helps unethical lawyers manipulate federal law suit after Beaverton administrators violated teacher employment contract

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit
Tom Doyle of the OEA collaborates with OAH lawyers and Vickie Chamberlain of the TSPC

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing
Chamberlain's delay protects Nancy Hungerford, former attorney for the Beaverton Schools, who colluded with attorneys for the OEA and the state of Oregon to violate a teacher contract and deny due process in a federal civil suit.

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Leadership Academy for Beginning Principals
July 18, 19 and 20, 2007
Linfield College

The Faculty:

Linda Borquist, Academy Coordinator

Victor Musial, Field Operations Director, OSEA

Colin Cameron, Director of Professional Development,COSA

Jill O'Neil, Principal, Beaverton Middle School - OMLA President

Vickie Chamberlain, Executive Director, TSPC

Kris Olsen, Principal, McMinnville High School - OASSA President

Matt Coleman, Principal, Westview High School

Shannon Priem, Communication Services Director, OSBA

Vickie Fleming, Superintendent, Redmond SD 2J

Perla Rodriguez, Principal, Cornelius Elementary School - OMLA President

Shawna Harris, Field Representative, OSEA

Nanci Schneider, NWREL

Craig Hawkins, Communications Director, COSA

Valerie Sebesta, Oregon Education Association

Sally Leet, Principal, Oak Grove Elementary School - OESPA Past President

Brian Traylor, Principal, Corvallis Elementary School - OESPA President

Holly Lekas, Regional Administrator, Beaverton SD 48 Joe Wehrili, OSBA

Michael Carter, Superintendent, Rainier SD 13

Philip McCullum, Director Administrative Licensure, University of Oregon

Authentic evaluation legally dated

Authentic evaluation legally dated
signed by retiring principal Len Case

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03
Entered fraudulently at Fair Dismissal Appeals Board hearing: Malcolm Dennis (forced resignation; secrecy agreement) and Chris Bick, signing principals

Costs of Unaccountable Administrators

Lawyers and Accountants Once Put Integrity First

The people who knew me when I moved to Oregon in '97 and began to teach in the Beaverton system know how much I loved teaching. I encountered a system that was unique to me--driven by politics ($). I was dismayed by ability of many parents to leverage grades through administrators, by the inequities in assignments and the stratification of students, socio-economically. A veteran counselor at Meadow Park Middle School when I arrived sought to double the size of one of my classes during the second trimester, unknown to my administrators. My resistance (there was a reason--we were doing theater in a short time period with 40 kids already--80 would've sabotaged our efforts unfairly, Mrs. Lass) caused me some trouble but I stood up for myself.

Almost a decade later, an "incident" discovered, investigated and dropped by Ms Lass in those early years surfaced, was introduced in the FDAB hearing by Beaverton's lawyers and soon appeared in The Oregonian, without documentation, evidence or testimony. I realized then that I was "property."

Several years had passed since that non-incident and I had moved on to Westview High to help build a digital media program at the state's then-largest high school. I would be promoted to the administrative team as Activities Director by the school's founding principal--not the sort of thing that happens to miscreant teachers. I did continue to have conflicts with (poor) administrators who were not accountable and, when the head principal retired, I was soon fired for insubordination and charged, for a brief time, with sexually harassing a colleague (this is apparently an M.O. of the state's "education" law firm, Hungerford).

I waited several months for a hearing that was slanted toward dishonest school administrators with a great deal to conceal. This hearing was scheduled and overseen by the chummy "education" and "union" lawyers who apparently picked my three "judges" from a pool of administrators and teachers. This process is known malonymously as the "Fair Dismissal Appeals Board" and is certainly an unfortunate example of the STATE OF OREGON'S DISRESPECT FOR THE TEACHERS WHO WORK HARD IN THEIR CLASSROOMS. My "hearing" (this is all public record) was designed by lawyers to give imprimatur to unfounded allegations about undocumented events while allowing the veteran BSD HR director to berate my work history under oath, never being asked even once by my lawyer about several years I spent teaching her son in elective media classes.

A serious oversight for an ethical lawyer.

As I awaited this hearing, my mother was dying. I was persuaded by my union lawyer to hire him to file a million-dollar civil law suit protecting my freedom of speech (I had voiced concern about a parent who had too much influence) even though my administrators, through expensive lawyers, were falsely smearing me with charges of sexual misconduct. He then proceeded to delay my appeal for my job for two years, assuring me that the civil suit was my best “remedy.”

The delays, the manipulations, the lies and harassing mail for the next several years has led to my uncomfortable awareness that We, the People are chattel when we stand up for ourselves. Teaching is a very hard job and is done best by people who are not timid or compliant, who aren't "followers." To shackle hard-working, creative, tenacious teachers with incompetent, insecure administrators (favorites of some questionable HR people) is to punish the culture of education. Teaching is, first and best, role modeling. It is not the stuff of snobs and superior people. We will have good schools again when administrators who can write essays and solve trig questions also know what a mop handle feels like

And schools should involve lawyers as little as possible. I remain eager for oversight officials to correct the public record made used by lawyers and government employees to shelter dishonest Beaverton leaders. Without accountability and oversight of administrators, debates about tests are superfluous. I am eager for public schools where people are treated equally. It starts a the very, very top.
Oregon Education Association Fraud

2002 mini-documentary of the Westview High School "CAT CREW" by WHS media lab...

To Beaverton Valley Times: Brilliant essay; flawed timeline

 Brilliant essay; flawed timeline

"While the politicians should be castigated for their dereliction of duty, the need to procure a site for a new high school in the Bethany and Cedar Mill area is far more important and urgent."

Mr. Crawford's cogent, prescient essay in our local paper is the kind of phenomenon we should appreciate: Someone smart and capable, calling attention to the dearth of competent leadership of our common wealth.

I can find fault only in his contention that land acquisition tops the list of the BSD needs; Mr.  Crawford contends we need the land before we deal with the entrenched bureaucrats in decision-making roles in our schools. 

I disagree. Now is the time to scrutinize. Two of the Board BSDeciders didn't even vote on the new superintendent, surely a red flag going forward in these contentious, precarious, budget-conscious times...?

To Gail Rasmussen, on her complaint about The Oregonian

In the Deaf (capital “D”) community, Ms. Rasmussen, you might see a group of people gathered around an individual who is doing most of the talking, possibly about matters with which he/she has little familiarity. Some members of the group might have their arms crossed casually in front of them, with the index and pinkie fingers of the hand on the top arm extended—like the horns of a bull. The hand of the opposite arm, the lower arm, is on the opposite end, making little motions like something is being emitted, or released. This is Deaf slang, Ms. Rasmussen, and has some connection to your maudlin message to the media.

You and I have met, twice, when anguish drove me to your office, seeking some sense of justice for what employees of your organization have done to my career. Both times, you were sweet and ineffectual, and always accompanied by one of the OEA bureaucrats (Caruthers; Toledo).

The ability of school adminstrators to conceal misconduct from the public (and exploit the very teachers you purport to adulate) is well-known. The lawyers who suckle at the public education teat start their line in the offices of the OEA. My representative from the Beaverton Education Association had a seat on the Beaverton fundraiser's board of directors and met regularly with the former directors of the Beaverton HR department. Nothing ANY of them did served Beaverton's teachers—every act was out of self-interest (hence the sorry saga of Kickback Katz). The turnover rate at the high school (Oregon's largest) where I put in 70-hr weeks with challenging teenagers rivaled that of a fast food restaurant. No one on our adminstrative team did appropriate evaluations or observations of teachers in the five years I was there (they were, however, able to chase away the only teacher of color in that same time period).

When my employment contract was violated, I had already been under-paid several thousand dollars by some poorly supervised principals. When I voiced my concerns to the new superintendent, Jerry Colonna, I was soon fired for sexually harassing the librarian. I had asked to resign the previous October and was encouraged to stay by the HR director, Linda Borquist (who was able to conceal under oath, thanks to the OEA lawyer, my three years of elective classes with her son Jeff while she was discrediting my work history).

A culture of privilege stratified learning opportunities at the largest public school in the state; I suspect our school was not unique in that regard, as the ubiquitous organization you run made it possible.

At the time in my life when I most needed the genuine support of a union I paid into for ten years, I instead became the property of your manipulative attorneys (and their cronies in state gov't) for several years. It is not nice being someone else's property, Ms. Rasmussen.

So the next time you take a field trip to OSD to give one of your speeches about the “educators” you admire, look around your audience at the arms that are crossed and realize, if you are able, that they are symbolic.

(And good for the Fourth Estate, about whom you complain here. Somebody needs to have the courage to stand up to the bullies.)

(P.S When will you fly off to D.C. next year to be a Super Delegate for the Democratic National Convention...will you still be supporting Oregon's Republican teachers?)


Trevor Crowe and Eric Ball in a scene from DREAM GIRL (Westview HS Beaverton Oregon 2001)

Moving story

To Sen. Jeff Kruse
I think Michelle Cole did you a favor by letting the citizens get closer to you. I am more comfortable, knowing you are a human who understands your contituents' failings and the intensity it requires to self-correct.
I had been sober for more than a decade when the state of Oregon (through the TSPC director) said I needed to attend an alcohol counseling program to keep my Oregon teaching license.  It is significant to note that the principal who fired me was caught at school drunk six months later and, after the Oregonian was misled,  received a secrecy agreement and a paid-insurance policy.
I have enclosed a handful of documents that verify what I have said. You are overseeing some gov't employees who, to shelter privileged bureaucrats, will bully people like me...and you.
You know why I refused to sign that document for the director of the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission.  I have lost my career to maintain my integrity--Oregon's leaders should be ashamed.  I worked 70-hour weeks with kids others teachers did not want to teach. 
I would like your help in getting a fair hearing with the OAH/TSPC.  The  Oregon Department of Justice should not in the business of covering up for entrenched bureaucrats.
15 Top Education Quotes
15. “What would we really do differently if we really did listen to our members? First, we would very rarely, if ever again, give a cent to a politician or a political party.”
Former Ohio Education Association Executive Director Robert Barkley, giving his farewell speech at OEA’s Representative Assembly in December 2000. 14. “You deserve a President who understands what I’m about to say.”
U.S. Senator John Kerry, during a July 16, 2004, speech at the American Federation of Teachers convention in Washington, D.C. 13. “While building efficiencies of scale might fit a sound business model, it is the antithesis of sound educational practice.”
Hawaii State Teachers Association Vice President Joan Lewis (November 1, 2005, Honolulu Advertiser) 12. “Folks, we’re in trouble. If we were in private business, we’d be out of business.”
Kenneth Burnley, chief executive officer of the Detroit Public Schools. (April 6, 2001, Detroit News) 11. “You shouldn’t be angry about how much teachers get paid, but how little money most everyone else makes.”
Portland Oregonian columnist S. Renee Mitchell (February 27, 2006, Oregonian) 10. “When the scores go up, it’s not just meaningless. It’s worrisome.”
Alfie Kohn (October 18, 2008, Salt Lake Tribune) 9. “A man without vision might as well be blind.”
A delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly, debating NBI 14, which dealt with the state of art and music education in America’s public schools. (July 3, 2006, NEA Representative Assembly) 8. “If they don’t agree to everything I want, we will be in impasse.”
United Teachers of Dade President Pat Tornillo, describing his approach to emergency labor negotiations with the Miami-Dade County School Board. (January 16, 2002, Miami Herald) 7. “We expect parents to work in the best interest of the kids. We’re working in the best interest of the teachers.”
Hudson (Ohio) Education Association President David Spohn (October 9, 2003, Akron Beacon Journal) 6. “The inventory of items seized from the downtown Washington apartment of Barbara Bullock on Dec. 19 reads like the manifest of a pirate ship, firearms and all.”
Washington City Paper reporter David Morton, describing the situation at the Washington Teachers Union under former President Barbara Bullock, in his cover story, “Membership Has Its Privileges.” (January 24-30, 2003, Washington City Paper)
5. “What worries me at the moment are the unintended effects of this ‘choice’ agenda. The government is keen to give parents choice over which school their children attend. So lots of people are no longer sending their children to local schools. That has led to more and more children going by car instead of walking and we know that lower levels of physical activity can lead to obesity.”
Roger Mackett, University College, London. (January 16, 2009, London Daily Telegraph) 4. “Black people can be gullible.”
Andre J. Hornsby, president of the National Alliance of Black School Educators, offering his explanation for the high rate of African-American support for school choice. (May 30, 2001, Education Week)
3. “What happened on the plantation when the slaves had enough?”
Baltimore Teachers Union President Marietta English, unhappy with the district’s contract proposal (April 25, 2007, Baltimore Sun)
2. “People take money every day for things I would not do… there are people that are paid to be assassins. Sometimes it’s just not worth the sacrifice you would have to make for the money.”
Metro Nashville Education Association President Jamye Merritt, explaining why her union opposes performance pay (January 7, 2007, Tennessean)
But for an unmatched combination of hyperbole, metaphor, and faulty history, there can be only one:
Public Education Quote of the Decade
1.“The struggle in which we are engaged is as vital to our future today as was the outcome of the Civil War to our nation in 1860 (sic). The goal of these locusts is to impose their will on state after state until they have completely demolished government as we know it. There is a time for every generation to rise to the call—when the very existence of our nation, our state, our values, our culture, and our public schools is threatened with extinction.”
Nebraska State Education Association Executive Director Jim Griess on Initiative 423, a ballot measure that would have limited state government spending to previous years’ amounts, with allowed increases for inflation and population growth. (October 2006, The NSEA Voice)
Keegan Garrity's "Eight Track Soul" 
starring Mike Guerts in a 
2001 Westview HS video production

When will we ever learn?


People who take more than their share diminish our schools and our planet.

The Law of the Commons is why public high schools do so much worse than public elementary schools...We remain in denial and throw money at selfishness like pouring gasoline on the fire.

Duke study: Beaverton should see that ALL kids are gifted like the Hogue's daughters...

(This, not expensive committees with cute names, is the affordable answer to our problem--commitment to this kind of program)

My on-going problem
The "education" lawyers and the director of the TSPC harassed me for almost four years--after I had been cheated by BSD administrators and had asked to resign--because I stood up for my students...

While there have been many charges leveled at me since my termination, it is accurate to state that I have lost my career because I refused to sign a confession to charges that were designed to cover up my impolitic utterance about the daughter of a fundraiser to Jerome Colonna and Dr. Tom Greene one fateful January day in 2004: "She may have even deserved the part."

The Duke study that has shown so much promise at Duke is evidence of education theory that has been applied by master teachers for years: The class is a group and the group is successful when all members are held in high esteem.  End of story.

There's your education reform, legislators. For, as long as our schools are more inclined to show off the children of influential community members (as Westview was when I taught there), then the other part of the student population suffers, as it has at Westview.

What I said, eight days before being fired for phony sexual harassment charge, was: "She may have even deserved the part."

The members of the BSD school board who have spent so much education money concealing misconduct should be removed from office and charged criminally.  Those "education professionals" like Hollis Lekas and Mike Chamberlain who built their careers in service to the Kickback Katz regime should be dismissed, without large retirement packages.  They have all stolen from Beaverton's citizens.

And the fat cat teachers who remain at Westview HS who have not had to do any heavy lifting in their careers 'cause they were politicians more than public educators--'cause they had big programs that were coveted by status-seekers--those people should be the first who are required to complete the Duke program.

I am eager to have my record cleared of false charges sent by Mrs. Lekas to her friend Vickie Chamberlain at the TSPC illegally in the summer of 2004 and used by BSD's lawyers to harass me while manipulating the outcome of a federal law suit..

Don Bellairs, teacher

Susan Nielsen's curious outlook...

The power of the media: "short-changing," "teeter," "anti-school."
What Ms. Nielsen subtly suggests is an impolitic performance by legislators is, in reality, an example of the only sane way to lead now. The expensive system that oversees our schools is genuinely broken and dramatic, top-down change is needed. As long as entrenched bureaucrats have a lot of walking-around money, they will purchase silence and avoid accountability (www.statesponsoredtheft.blogspot.com).
Our legislators have recognized that; most of the men and women making up this crucial budget also realize that Oregon's citizens would let go of a lot of serious $$$ if they knew they were supporting (democratic, egalitarian, citizen-building) classroom education and not buying vacation property for lawyers and administrators. They do not deserve Ms. Neilsen's skepticism.
Meanwhile, we might not notice how many column-inches the baseball championship gets while our teachers are futilely suggesting to easily distracted students that the last few days of this long year are really "school" days for which the taxpayers have paid a great deal of money...Sigh.

2002 mini-documentary of the 
Westview High School "CAT CREW" 
by WHS media lab...

Prudent fiscal move by Oregon Ways and Means

Legislative subcommittee approves suspension of 4th and 7th grade writing tests to save money (Kim Melton--Oregonian)

We are not comparing childrens' writing when we evaluate these exams; we are comparing the evaluations of their writing.

The extravagant CIM debacle demonstrated that, until there is a universal commitment to some core curriculum and to training and oversight that will permit fluidity and continuity from grade to grade, writing tests are just bell-curve baloney that inflate expectations of the 73th percentile and diminish dreams of the 37th percentile, because of a subjective, expensive grade...

When a good writing teacher is more important than a good soccer coach to a high school, schools will be justified in using education money for this sort of expense. The legislators who saved the taxpayers this money probably took some shots they don't deserve from the people who have benefitted materially from this particular process through the years...

Superior Humans...

Quite possibly, T.S Elliot (who was merely paraphrasing Jesus of Nazarath and most of our planet's more sage inhabitants) was spot-on correct when he said: "The only true wisdom is humility."

An observation: Something happens in us when we acquire power--an acquisition, if not tempered with humility, that creates in many people a sense of superiority...a strong sense in some people, and certainly misplaced in most, if not all.

In many years there, I came to believe there are two kinds of people working in public schools: 1) people seeking status and 2) people serving other people.  While there is always overlap, an experienced educator could go into a strange high school and figure out pretty quickly who was what.

When it is addressed by name (it frequently is not), it is called "class stratification," enhanced by the entrenched bureaucracy it creates...

The energy of too many public high schools is sucked up by status seekers. To survive, teachers and administrators learn to go-along to get-along...The politics is pretty easy: In public high schools, you are working with a fluid constituency of parents who are frequently stressed out with the responsibility of raising teenagers and, since you can't meet the needs of everyone, you gravitate toward helping those who can help you.

Politics.  The end result is what happens to public schools: Somewhere along the chain, somebody is doin' pretty good with what we are paying them to educate all the children.  This slanted system will never change without considerable push. 

At what cost, really? When so much "coveted status" accompanies the pantheon of public high school these days, trying to get a teenager to learn verb tenses becomes Sisyphean.

As we go forward with "education reform," legislators might examine the practice of unbalanced work assignments and uneven compensation in these vital public institutions--and perhaps question the motives of the veteran counselors and assistant principals who perpetuate the problem by assigning the heavy lifting to vulnerable newcomers.

What's a new teacher to do? Call his union rep? He's already therewww.statesponsoredtheft.blogspot.com

The successful schools out there--there are some--have humble leaders who realize that a strong fortress is the good will of the community.  The good principals and teachers are already doing some of what we expect of the kids...cleaning up cafeteria or bathroom messes every once in a while. Using a broom and a dust mop instead of a government-owned Mac Dream.

That's what keeps us humble.

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's fundraising organization, the BEF...

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's  fundraising organization, the BEF...
...representing herself as superintendent.

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson
...blocking access to evidence that would demonstrate Beaverton administrative misconduct.

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...
...after waiting on FDAB results.

Justice delayed...

Justice delayed...

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty
Her actions were designed to affect the outcome of a federal lawsuit. She lost her job consequently (Like me, she was small enough to fail). The improper use of TSPC "stipulations" and "pass-the-trash" deals effectively lets lawyers and bureaucrats in Oregon education play "God" with student welfare and teacher careers...

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle
Signing stipulations to protect BSD administrators who violated employment and civil rights laws

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud
Mark Toledo tries to cover up for Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle
Wolf abdicates leadership of union's membership to OEA "Advocacy"