Yvonne Katz, formerly supt. of Beaverton OR and Spring Branch TX school districts, embarrassing retiring Westview High principal Len Case.

Dan Wieden talks about the night he wrote "Just do It" to a fascinated Wesview High School Media Studies class in 2001.

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle
Chamberlain's three-and-a-half year manipulation of teacher discipline case conceals misconduct of Linda Borquist and Hollis Lekas of the Beaverton School District while interfering with the outcome of a federal lawsuit in support of an attorney formerly employed by the Beaverton School District, Nancy Hungerford.

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle
"First of its kind in Oregon" decision helps unethical lawyers manipulate federal law suit after Beaverton administrators violated teacher employment contract

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit
Tom Doyle of the OEA collaborates with OAH lawyers and Vickie Chamberlain of the TSPC

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing
Chamberlain's delay protects Nancy Hungerford, former attorney for the Beaverton Schools, who colluded with attorneys for the OEA and the state of Oregon to violate a teacher contract and deny due process in a federal civil suit.

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Leadership Academy for Beginning Principals
July 18, 19 and 20, 2007
Linfield College

The Faculty:

Linda Borquist, Academy Coordinator

Victor Musial, Field Operations Director, OSEA

Colin Cameron, Director of Professional Development,COSA

Jill O'Neil, Principal, Beaverton Middle School - OMLA President

Vickie Chamberlain, Executive Director, TSPC

Kris Olsen, Principal, McMinnville High School - OASSA President

Matt Coleman, Principal, Westview High School

Shannon Priem, Communication Services Director, OSBA

Vickie Fleming, Superintendent, Redmond SD 2J

Perla Rodriguez, Principal, Cornelius Elementary School - OMLA President

Shawna Harris, Field Representative, OSEA

Nanci Schneider, NWREL

Craig Hawkins, Communications Director, COSA

Valerie Sebesta, Oregon Education Association

Sally Leet, Principal, Oak Grove Elementary School - OESPA Past President

Brian Traylor, Principal, Corvallis Elementary School - OESPA President

Holly Lekas, Regional Administrator, Beaverton SD 48 Joe Wehrili, OSBA

Michael Carter, Superintendent, Rainier SD 13

Philip McCullum, Director Administrative Licensure, University of Oregon

Authentic evaluation legally dated

Authentic evaluation legally dated
signed by retiring principal Len Case

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03
Entered fraudulently at Fair Dismissal Appeals Board hearing: Malcolm Dennis (forced resignation; secrecy agreement) and Chris Bick, signing principals

To Richard Sanders, new executive director of the Oregon Education Association

Richard Sanders, OEA CEO

Mr. Sanders,
I have waited a long time for fair treatment by the Oregon Education Association.  I am eager to clear my name of false charges by the TSPC director, who helped Beaverton attorney Nancy Hungerford and OEA lawyer Tom Doyle conceal their misconduct in my case. Doyle deceived and manipulated me with a conflict-of-interest suit for several years, the first two while my mother, a special ed teacher for 35 years, was dying.

No one at the OEA seems to feel that members who have paid dues for ten years deserve honest representation in conflicts with some of the big shots who have created mediocrity in Oregon's public schools.  Hopefully that will change with your leadership. I am eager to show you, personally, proof that my OEA_appointed attorney was paid several thousand dollars (of teachers' money) to help BSD's (former) attorneys deny me (and many other teachers) due process of law.

I am eager to speak with you at your earliest convenience. Your lawyer (with the help of Hanna Vaandering, former Beaverton PE teacher) deceived a federal judge while you were paying him to defend me...

Don Bellairs, teacher

The following are email exchanges between 10-year OEA member and attorney who was appointed for him by union rep's working closely with the Beaverton SWchools HR department...

From: Tom Doyle <doylet@bennetthartman.com>
Sent: Tue, August 29, 2006 3:04:54 PM

To follow-up on your discussions with Hannah Vaandering from BEA, I have reviewed the agreement that she will be giving to you.  It is my understanding that you will be signing it, having it notarized, and give it back to her to give to BEA.

Once again, I do not know if you still want me representing you on this or TSPC, but I feel I have to continue until you tell me that you do not.

Tom Doyle

From: Don Bellairs [mailto:bellairsd@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 11:46 AM
To: Tom Doyle
Cc: Larry.Wolf@oregoned.org; mark.toledo@oregoned.org; erika marion; Hanna Vaandering; LeeAnn Larsen; Elena Hillier; Dan Jamsa; Patsy Stobie; Karen Horowitz; info@nwpe.org; dmcdonald@iseee.org; delfinaheart@yahoo.com; ty_mcdonald@hotmail.com; jsapiro@osbar.org
Subject: Resolution
Re: Civil case #CV-04-770-JO
District of Oregon

In response to my request for a document freeing me from any financial responsibility to you, you have asked me to cover costs of preparation for the civil suit. 

Public documents indicate my case against the Beaverton School District was settled in March 2006.  I am under the impression that you have held my check for almost a year.  You have withheld the settlement money to attempt to force me to sign stipulations for the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.  I have refused to do that and have been deprived of what is legally mine. 

I recently defended myself in the TSPC matter, three years after I was fired.  This was what you were once hired to do. 

I trusted you.  My mother was dying.

Please send my check and the document I requested immediately.  If you feel you are owed something for your work on the civil suit, you should bill someone who has benefited by it. 

Receipt of my check and the release document will end our need to communicate further.

Don Bellairs

From: Tom Doyle <doylet@bennetthartman.com>
Sent: Fri, February 16, 2007 2:28:45 PM
I do not have your check from the District and never have had it. You know that. 
I never told you I was withholding your check and certainly never wanted to force you to sign a stipulation.
Recently, you wrote me asking for a release of the attorney fees you owed me.  I said I would but that I could not release costs. That doesn't mean I have your check.


From: Don Bellairs [mailto:bellairsd@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 12:48 PM
To: Toledo, Mark [OR]
Cc: Wolf, Larry [OR]
Subject: accountability

Mr. Toledo,
I received your letter regarding your meeting with my wife and brother.  Do not scold me again. I believe that you are aware that the union-appointed attorney has manipulated me and allowed his close associates representing the  Beaverton School District and the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission to trample my rights as a contracted professional educator and as a human being. 

You and I have had this discussion.  I have been cheated and defrauded.  I can prove it and will if necessary.  I am very uncomfortable with your position--it confirms what I have feared the most.  I have encountered a system of cover-ups and concealment--people with obvious conflicts of interest are not held accountable.

Arrange for me to meet an attorney who will treat me with respect at your earliest convenience.  The "inconventient truth" is that my membership in the BEA has been very costly to me--people have stolen a large part of my life unnecessarily, because they could.  Hopefully some changes will result from my case. 

I await word from the new attorney.  Additionally, I am hopeful Mr. Wolfe comes to Salem at the end of November.  If he is truly an advocate for teachers, he will be ashamed of what has been allowed to happen.

Don Bellairs

----- Original Message ----
Sent: Friday, November 3, 2006 2:04:46 PM
Subject: RE: accountability
Mr. Bellairs
In response to my October 31 letter you have told me to arrange for you to meet an attorney.  I need to clarify your request.  The message that your wife Tonya left with me was that you would proceed through the TSPC matter without OEA legal assistance because I would not guarantee OEA legal assistance through the TSPC hearing.  Please confirm that your request to assign new legal counsel is made with the understanding that OEA is not guaranteeing unconditional authorization of legal assistance through the TSPC hearing.  I will make the assignment of new legal counsel as soon as I receive confirmation of this understanding.  Liz Joffe is the attorney who I will assign your to your case.
Mark Toledo

----- Original Message ----

From: Don Bellairs
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2006 2:47 PM
To: Toledo, Mark [OR]
Cc: Wolf, Larry [OR]; Karen Horowitz
Subject: Re: accountability

Mr. Toledo,
Liz Joffe co-authored a book with Nancy Hungerford, Beaverton's (former) lawyer who has defamed me with perjured testimony and who has apparently made a cottage industry out of covering up for unethical administrators who abuse teachers, including Malcolm Dennis, (formerly) of Westview High.
Who is in charge of our union?  Who is paying for it?
Don Bellairs, teacher

Sent: Friday, November 3, 2006 3:17:04 PM
Subject: RE: accountability

Mr. Bellairs
Liz Joffe is an excellent attorney with the highest of ethical standards.  Liz has 12 years of experience and I have no reservations or doubts about her ability to represent you and advocate your interests in a competent and professional manner.  Would you like me to assign Liz to your case or not?  If not, I accept your decision that you do not accept the reassignment of your case to Ms. Joffe and I do not plan to reassign your case to any other OEA attorney or authorize continued LDP funding for your TSPC matter.  If you would like to appeal my decision to the OEA Legal Defense Committe, please notify Erika.  Because of the pending TSPC hearing I recommend that you seek separate legal counsel to assist you with your TSPC matter without delay.
Mark Toledo
General Counsel

From: Don Bellairs [mailto:bellairsd@yahoo.com]
Sent:Fri Nov 03 17:12:36 2006
To: Toledo, Mark [OR]
Cc: Wolf, Larry [OR]
Subject: Re: accountability

Mr. Toledo,

I can appreciate your endorsement of Ms. Joffe--it was not long ago that you were saying similar things about Mr. Doyle.  I am certain Ms. Joffe has excellent credentials. 

My request is that you provide me with funds to hire an attorney that is not associated with the OEA, the TSPC or other education bureaucracies on a regular basis; I have been mistreated, misled and "managed" by the first attorney you appointed to protect my rights.

It is November 2006, Mr. Toledo.  Your attorney has told me for over a year that I had to sign a list of unproven, uninvestigated stipulations which will be used to further disgrace me before I get the settlement of a civil suit you have all agreed was my "best remedy."  Then he conspired to delay any opportunity I may have had to be treated fairly.

You are abusing my civil rights to cover up a lack of oversight and accountability.

"Fool me twice..."

Don Bellairs
Re: accountability
From: Toledo, Mark [OR]
To: Don Bellairs
Sent: Fri Nov 03 18:20:12 2006

Mr. Bellairs.
I am denying your request.
Mark Toledo

2003 Westview High School "Advisory"  program (four-year home room)
tarring A. J. Anderson.  Narrated by Malcolm Dennis, former Westview High School principal.  Written and produced for Dennis by Don Bellairs and presented at a 2003 staff meeting for BSD adminstrators.

2003 Westview High School Freshman Lit/Comp Parents' Night
Kids from a very diverse English class star demonstrate their talent and knowledge on a festive night created for their parents.

To Dr. Jeff Rose, new Beaverton School District superintendent

Dr. Rose,
Congratulations.  I wish you well.  Your hiring caught everyone by surprise because the Beaverton Public School Board kept candidates names confidential.  There has been a dearth of oversight and accountability in the organization you are about to lead, so the veil around your selection is portentous.

There is nothing easy about the job you have accepted; you may know why.

I am eager to meet with you about an injustice I suffered at the hands of some current and former BSD employees.  I have lost my teaching license in Oregon because I refused to sign a list of "stipulations" that claimed I had behaved inappropriately while working 70 + hour weeks with kids whom others did not wish to teach.  

While I made my share of bad decisions during seven years as a teacher in the Beaverton Schools, I did not do anything that constituted violating my employment contract in mid-year.  If I had, it would not have been necessary for Hollis Lekas and Michael Chamberlain, soon to be new employees, to have needed so much help from lawyers and state employees to escape perjury charges.

Neither would it have been necessary for the TSPC director (whom your predecessor at BSD hired in 2002) to harass me for almost four years, the first year and a half while my mother (a special ed teacher for 35 years ) was dying. 

Some members of the public school board who just hired you have, in the past, hired unethical lawyers to conceal administrative misconduct, deceive the public, mislead the the media and, in my personal case, to lie to a federal judge on behalf of the BSD board and Mr. Colonna.

I had asked to quit after being cheated out of a lot of money in fair pay. My (former) union rep was frequently out drinking with your (former) HR chief. No one was really concerned about propriety.

I do not write you this message blithely.  I have been asking for fair treatment from the BSD leadership for a LONG time. I have lost a great deal because of the misconduct of some unethical people you are soon to supervise. I remain eager to correct the record.

Don Bellairs, teacher
1995 Woodford County (KY) Middle School 
Accelerated Language Arts unit...
An eighth grade "Creative Enrichment-Language Arts" for 35 "TAG-identified" students at a small middle school in horse country in central Kentucky...

Julie Leahy, Sam Vore and Todd Telle in 1999 Westview High School Media production of "The Kentucky Killer"

Feb 25, 2011 letter to the Beaverton Valley-Times

Seeking Integration, Whatever the Path

The issues facing public schools in Oregon are class issues. The inherent problem is that those people now charged with fixing schools are actually part of the problem. Self-interested people tend to cluster and watch out for one another.

Our nation's public schools need to focus on creating responsible citizens who can function in a high-tech, digitally-networked world. Rather than spend so much energy on distractions that create inequities. We MUST separate the coveted, big-budget programs from the daily routine; the way it is, no one workds on a level playing field (the OEA is complicit here). Classroom teachers who CAN must be give an opportunity to teach—that is how to move disenfranchised kids from where they are when they start to closer to where they need to be when they finish...Isn't that what we're paying for?

Those less-influential kids should not have the presentation of their class projects interrupted so that they can attend another unscheduled pep rally or assembly to honor the usual suspects, kids who regularly appear in the school spotlight--most of whom come from nice neighborhoods. These activities at public schools place a higher value on certain children and help foment the class polarization that threatens our democracy.

For a lot of kids, “school” is a symbol for an oppressive place where socio-economic status, not merit or effort, determine the winners. People don't discuss it because---well, secretly, don't we hope the rich folks let us in?

In Oregon education, we give a cute name to a program, throw taxpayer money at some dubiously-qualified administrator to run it, provide for no accountability or oversight, and then wonder why our schools are not doing better than 44th in the nation...

I worked for a few principals who intentionally made it harder for me to teach—because they could. There are a lot of schools that become territorial feifdoms without oversight (see Westivew HS). When I shared that kind of information with a new superintendent in Beaverton, it cost me my career...that should be instructive to the taxpayers...

I am eager for state government officials to return my teaching license, unencumbered by the illegal findings of “Judge” Andrea Sloan's “first-of-its-kind-in-Oregon” decision to accept hearsay as fact to protect dishonest people. Lawyers working for the public and for the teachers' union, all well-acquainted, have behaved unethically to deny me due process of law and to protect some bad actors in state government and school leadership.

Don Bellairs, teacher

Outtakes from 2003 Westview High School media project "Wishes, Wisemen and Little Pigs"
With Mike "Puppy" McDonald, Fritz Brayton, Larry Arnold, Ryan Varella and many others...

Feb 25, 2011 letter to the New York Times

Randi Weingarten, leader of America's alternative teachers' union, appears in today's NYT, advocating legislation that will make it easier for school administrators to fire teachers—her opinion is based on the widespread belief that teachers' unions now make it hard for good administrators to fire bad teachers. Probably, in places, that's correct--but not here in Oregon. Our teachers' union, the OEA, does make it hard for some teachers to be held accountable for unsatisfactory work IF they toe the company line...but that is different from protecting unqualified teachers.

The OEA actually protects unqualified, unsupervised, unaccountable administrators and for some reason, people like Weingarten are suggesting that those folks should decide who teaches kids.

Many of the administrators for whom I worked had fled the classroom early in their careers—those who were ever in the classroom in the first place...

Read some past teacher evaluations from school districts like Oregon's Beaverton School District #48. Then look carefully at the qualifications of some of the administrators who wrote those evaluations. You will be amazed at the stuff your read...and we will be paying these people for life, in part for writing those “evaluations.” Think very carefully about giving those people MORE authority, remembering that the OEA's manipulative lawyers already work closely with collegial attorneys for dishonest school administrators.

My question: Where are the public evaluations of principals? When I worked at Oregon's largest high school, we had a new-teacher turnover rate that rivaled the local McDonald's (the administrators at our school ran off our ONLY black teacher) and yet the head principal has a commemorative plaque on the front of the building. Evaluations (mine included) at the Oregon’s largest high school were superficial renderings with little substance...the expected result in an environment with no oversight or accountability.

Current OEA representatives continue to cover up for dishonest, entrenched school officials who send them lots of money taken, without asking, from teachers' paychecks...A check of past teacher evaluations might be instructive for all state legislators facing tough decisions about education funding.

And, before you decide to give principals the right to fire teachers more easily, you better take a look at what constitutes a good principal—some of these “educators” are wired to conceal a coach's unseemly personal conduct while maligning the work of classroom teachers who have maintained high expectation of themselves, their students, their colleagues AND their supervisors.


Gavin Bristol as Witless Woody in 
1997 Meadow Park Middle School 
Theater Arts original musical "You Know My Name"

Feb 25, 2011 To Steve Duin The Oregonian

 So what does high school look like to a poor kid? One who is maybe on his third school that year--a blue-haired, tattooed kid who is being walked by a guidance counselor down a strange hall in early March, opening a door to a room full of similarly disenfranchised teenagers who look up knowingly--eager for a distraction. All of them aware of what kinds of circumstances usually precede this sort of unexpected addition the group.

This is an experience not shared by all teachers (or students) equally...

My discovery as a teacher for several years in Oregon's largest public high school (Westview--I have no idea what the free lunch ratio was) was that some school personnel were not really comfortable with a lot of the kinds of kids who come from low-income homes, so those kids were concentrated in a certain section of our building, with a lot of the same teachers. Our special ed teachers, eager to get their students into the mainstream, learned who was amenable to challenging children and, it was my experience, took advantage of newer teachers, who had less inclination to object.

At Westview, when I was there, several teachers, many of them coaches, were able to avoid the classroom entirely. Some veteran employees were given quasi-administrative work--office duty--while many of Westview's less-influential teachers had crowded classes full of kids whom some teachers didn't want to teach.

Mr. Duin's use of lunch money to point out inequity is noble, but superfluous. The challenges that we face in the larger world are mirrored in the public high schools. People want more and more for themselves--unabashedly, some of them. The people who get the most are those with power. A lot of selfish status-seeking takes place in our democratic public schools. There was little accountability where I worked.

For a socially-conscious teacher who believes public school is a place where all kids should learn about their value in a democratic society, Westview was not the place when I was there. I suspect that may be true for other high schools as well.

My foolishness in standing up for my rights and dignity, and the rights of my students, caused me a lot of personal grief and professional damage. Most adults would not push back against the (mediocre?) system as hard as I did.

But I have discovered during my ordeal that the ability of entrenched bureaucrats to collaborate with corrupt union officials and unethical government employees makes our situation in Oregon particularly insidious. My personal experience is that education is not taken seriously enough at the state level.

But back to lunches and inequities. What we really lack, Mr. Duin, is any frickin' accountability for the people who ostensibly oversee our places of learning. If it's sunny, some of them are outside right now, leaning on fences near the ball fields, maybe talking to reporters about D-1 athletes... even though they haven't been to the classroom to see some of their teachers teach in years.

(BTW: There are a lot of hungry kids who won't take the free food 'cause of the lack of dignity that accompanies it in a class-conscious environment. AND there are, despite the obstacles, a lot of kids who overcome both the poverty and the inequity of opportunity that deter educational growth; we should study their experiences...Probably connected to parenting.)


Gavin Bristol
Meadow Park Middle School "C Hall" (7th grade) presents "The Odyssey" (1999)

Forty-year retiring leaders: Colonna and Mubarek

There is a parallel between the demonstrations in northern Africa and the amassing of large, contentious crowds in American state capitals: in both situations, populations of humans beings are asking to be treated fairly. In Africa and the US, citizens want their government officials to be accountable for how public resources are used and for how public laws are enforced. History has taught the human race that unchecked authority begets tyranny, Democratic societies are most productive when we guard diligently against governmental bullying.
Much is being said about the importance of unions to our state's teachers and government workers, but when unions become monolithic political machines, they cease to be socially beneficient and become detrimental (toxic) to the public welfare.
Nepotism, cronyism, self-interest (these are not new words). All paid for by the public...who is broke (these are the new words).
What is the difference in what the people of Bahrain want and what Scott Walker's electorate wants? This gutsy, controversial governor is representing Wisconsin's taxpayers...and their futures, as he was elected to do. In Wisconsin, as in Oregon, taxpayers have been misrepresented by some bad actors in organized labor.
There would be no drama in Madison or Salem today if union leaders were not so unaccountable. And so unwilling to give up power...
Corrupt unions are corrosive in a country with a vast public education system, yet we are doing so little to oversee them. When have you read any bad PR about OEA lawyers, of whom there are many? The OEA is merely funded by classroom teachers; it does not represent them. Its current leadership serves a privileged few--and any dues-paying OEA member who thinks he/she will be supported should a conflict arise with an entrenched bureaucrat will be forced to sign a confession or risk losing his/her career (this apparently does not apply to select pedophiles in Oregon who, should they know too much, can receive support from the TSPC in the form of secrecy agreements).
When I needed a real union, I learned that I had been paying individuals who worked closely with some unaccountable school administrators—people who were not following many rules. I was abused by lawyers and state employees for years after I was fired, with my union representatives' tacit approval.
BTW, fellow teachers: My mother (special ed 35 years) was dying and I had asked to quit after being paid unfairly...
So it is offensive to me that Gail Rasmussen speaks "for teachers" while her organization routinely sells us out...and charges us for the indignity. She owes me ten years' of dues.

Stoller Middle School's Storm Warning

Quite possibly Mr. Storm suffers from a disease I heard a superintendent once describe as “double-edged sword syndrome” where his caring, protective side (obvious to some of these letter writers) was sometimes subordinate to a dark, unnatural desire to be intimate with vulnerable people.

Beyond Storm’s possession of illegal material, there seem to be no claims of actual abuse ...although I am sure the rumors are swirling like cyclones at Stoller Middle. According to the Oregonian, a former counselor, Shannon Foxley, reported suspicions to the Stoller principal (BSD officials seem to have a lot of these “counselors” available to provide innuendo about former employees' unseemly conduct...after the fact).

The year Storm was hired (2005), significant changes were made in Beaverton's personnel department. The reasons for those changes were hidden from the public by current Beaverton administrators who enjoy a privilege of silence that is as remarkable as it is unethical (BEAVERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT SETTLES RACIAL BIAS SUIT Anitha Reddy The Oregonian January 10, 2005).

Situations like Storm's will always arise at schools (the motivations we adults have for working with children have never been explained very well—and many teachers probably question them daily) but there are way, way, way more decent teachers than degenerate ones. Still there will always be line-crossers (and criminals) in the education field, unfortunately. We have to keep our guard up and do a lot of work proactively—none of which requires the inept and unbalanced activity of Oregon's dysfunctional teacher licensing board (Schools cut secret deals with abusive teachers The Oregonian – February 18, 2008).

Perhaps (we can hope) the consequences of this event will motivate Mr. Storm to behave in more positive ways, to address serious issues and to lead a fuller life?

The rest of us should ask of Beaverton's administrators: Why is a former middle school guidance counselor telling us this stuff in the newspaper? (Oregonian Maxine Bernstein Feb 18 2011).

The culture of secrecy at BSD administrative levels makes issues like this one problematic...Storm resigned by email?

Beaverton Schools will soon hiring a new leader and three board members are up for re-election this Spring. BSD schools have suffered from a lack of open, honest government for a long time...too many board members and fundraisers were taking field trips to Europe while the rest of us labored in over-crowded classrooms back around the time Storm was hired.

Entrenched, ineffective leadership is where our energy and attention belong...not with the titillating, sad story of an ill, confused man who has a lot of grief ahead of him...

Pray for the children.


Feb 9, 2011 letter to Kim Melton The Oregonian

Oregon public school enrollment shows little overall growth 
OREGONIAN Tuesday, February 08, 2011, 9:05 AM

To The Oregonian:
And what, fellow readers, will we do with this information? Are these reports something to keep newspaper employees busy during a slow cycle?

The state of Oregon, struggling like other states to find answers for our education failures, has in place a non-teacher as head of the teachers' union (a woman who also moonlights as a Super Delegate for the Democratic Party) and a former state senator as an entrenched Superintendent of Education. A network of allied school administrators employs the same law firm, Hungerford Law, whose lawyers maintain close ties to the Oregon Education Association “advocacy” lawyer, Mark Toledo. My personal experience has taught me that the Hungerford firm, when not held accountable, will deceive federal judges, mislead state officials and conspire with union employees on behalf of some school adminstrators. Not so coincidentally, the Beaverton School District has a policy in place whereby administrators can secretly spend up to 1/2 million dollars of education money--much of it on lawyers like the Hungerfords.

I am making none of this up. Please consider that I am an experienced teacher with a wide range of skills who taught in the state's largest high school--frequently working with kids whom other teachers did not wish to teach. My efforts to be treated fairly led to a conflict with some entrenched and unaccountable administrators. The teacher disciplinary process I was forced to undergo after being fired by sneak attack was demeaning and unethical. I had been paid unfairly, given inequitable assignments by poorly supervised administrators (whom we will be paying for life) and, after appropriately voicing my concerns, had my employment contract violated by school officials who contacted my union to hire ME a lawyer.

I have been camping in my own private Tajir Square for seven years now, enduring the on-going betrayal of a teachers' union that I paid into for a decade. An Oregonian reporter (D. Anderson) has printed a great deal about my conflict with Beaverton school employees without ever having spoken to me (Mr. Anderson, I have spent my adult life helping kids who did not yet have a voice. I cannot abandon mine).

So when, in space devoted to Oregon's education issues, Ms. Melton uses her skills to report about ethnic diversity (it will all be a DNA-measured thing in less than 5 years, Kim), I am bitterly disappointed. We are in decline because we allow ourselves to jump from national football championship to Super Bowl to other distractions and then take a few minutes to read about archaic labels for different-colored people...and consider ourselves informed.

Intellectual fraud, Ms. Melton. Being self-governed is hard work.

And, taxpayers, the foxes have been in the henhouse for some time, even as our media representative calls our attention to all the different barnyard critters.


Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's fundraising organization, the BEF...

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's  fundraising organization, the BEF...
...representing herself as superintendent.

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson
...blocking access to evidence that would demonstrate Beaverton administrative misconduct.

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...
...after waiting on FDAB results.

Justice delayed...

Justice delayed...

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty
Her actions were designed to affect the outcome of a federal lawsuit. She lost her job consequently (Like me, she was small enough to fail). The improper use of TSPC "stipulations" and "pass-the-trash" deals effectively lets lawyers and bureaucrats in Oregon education play "God" with student welfare and teacher careers...

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle
Signing stipulations to protect BSD administrators who violated employment and civil rights laws

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud
Mark Toledo tries to cover up for Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle
Wolf abdicates leadership of union's membership to OEA "Advocacy"