Yvonne Katz, formerly supt. of Beaverton OR and Spring Branch TX school districts, embarrassing retiring Westview High principal Len Case.

Dan Wieden talks about the night he wrote "Just do It" to a fascinated Wesview High School Media Studies class in 2001.

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain conspires with OEA attorney Tom Doyle
Chamberlain's three-and-a-half year manipulation of teacher discipline case conceals misconduct of Linda Borquist and Hollis Lekas of the Beaverton School District while interfering with the outcome of a federal lawsuit in support of an attorney formerly employed by the Beaverton School District, Nancy Hungerford.

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle

Oregon ALJ Andrea Sloan collaborates with TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain & OEA atty Tom Doyle
"First of its kind in Oregon" decision helps unethical lawyers manipulate federal law suit after Beaverton administrators violated teacher employment contract

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit

Signing a confession to conceal misconduct and influence a federal law suit
Tom Doyle of the OEA collaborates with OAH lawyers and Vickie Chamberlain of the TSPC

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain makes finding based on secret "first of its kind" hearing
Chamberlain's delay protects Nancy Hungerford, former attorney for the Beaverton Schools, who colluded with attorneys for the OEA and the state of Oregon to violate a teacher contract and deny due process in a federal civil suit.

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Leadership Academy for Beginning Principals
July 18, 19 and 20, 2007
Linfield College

The Faculty:

Linda Borquist, Academy Coordinator

Victor Musial, Field Operations Director, OSEA

Colin Cameron, Director of Professional Development,COSA

Jill O'Neil, Principal, Beaverton Middle School - OMLA President

Vickie Chamberlain, Executive Director, TSPC

Kris Olsen, Principal, McMinnville High School - OASSA President

Matt Coleman, Principal, Westview High School

Shannon Priem, Communication Services Director, OSBA

Vickie Fleming, Superintendent, Redmond SD 2J

Perla Rodriguez, Principal, Cornelius Elementary School - OMLA President

Shawna Harris, Field Representative, OSEA

Nanci Schneider, NWREL

Craig Hawkins, Communications Director, COSA

Valerie Sebesta, Oregon Education Association

Sally Leet, Principal, Oak Grove Elementary School - OESPA Past President

Brian Traylor, Principal, Corvallis Elementary School - OESPA President

Holly Lekas, Regional Administrator, Beaverton SD 48 Joe Wehrili, OSBA

Michael Carter, Superintendent, Rainier SD 13

Philip McCullum, Director Administrative Licensure, University of Oregon

Authentic evaluation legally dated

Authentic evaluation legally dated
signed by retiring principal Len Case

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03

Post-dated Westview High School evaluation 2002-03
Entered fraudulently at Fair Dismissal Appeals Board hearing: Malcolm Dennis (forced resignation; secrecy agreement) and Chris Bick, signing principals

1995 Woodford County (KY) Middle School Accelerated Language Arts unit...

An eighth grade "Creative Enrichment-Language Arts" for 35 "TAG-identified" students at a small middle school in horse country in central Kentucky...

Correspondence with David Gerstenfeld OAH: Reprint of February and June 2007 letters concerning legal misconduct in 3 1/2 year harassment by OAH/TSPC

Feb 28, 2007

Donald E. Bellairs
13335 SW Havencrest ST.
Beaverton, OR 97005

David K. Gerstenfeld, Presiding Administrative Law Judge
Office of Administrative Hearings
1905 Lana Ave NE
Salem OR 97314

Dear Judge Gerstenfeld,

Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to evaluate the administrative hearing process. I am enclosing documents I sent to the TSPC and the state’s attorney general regarding the ‘Exceptions” I have filed in response to my hearing.

Well over a year and ½ ago, an ALJ for Oregon Unemployment, Judge Sandoval, found in my favor against the Beaverton School District so I have learned, when I have had a fair opportunity to provide evidence for my case, that the courts can be fair.

I have not had that opportunity in this situation—I have been unable to present evidence or call witnesses in the administrative hearings process with the TSPC. I have never met Judge Sloan--her judgment is now affecting my ability to earn a livelihood. Judge Mann has indicated incorrectly in his findings that I participated in the Sloan hearing; for the record that is not true. I have been puzzled and concerned by the entire process—it is not what the law provides for in Oregon Administrative Rules regarding teacher discipline.

I am further concerned by the time that has elapsed since I requested a hearing as provided for by law. I am disheartened by the way the TSPC seems able to manipulate the administrative hearing process. I am hopeful that more oversight can be provided in the future; the process as I have experienced it is very unfair and leaves teachers vulnerable and exposed to huge liabilities.

I have enclosed my “Exceptions” to Judge Mann’s findings with attachments that I included in a package to the Commissioners and to the state’s attorney general’s office. I am eager to help in any way I can to improve the treatment of teachers in future conflicts with the TSPC. The use of stipulations to deny lawful hearings seems to enrich attorneys while it discriminates against educators.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience if I can provide more information.


Don Bellairs

To Betsy Hammond, Oregonian

4,100 Students Prove ‘Small Is Better’ Rule Wrong (NYT front page article Sept 28, 2010)

To Betsy Hammond, Oregonian

Hey Betsy...

Nice writing...the OSBA leadership turmoil deserves some scrutiny...

The NYT ran a front-page story today attempting to debunk the "small is better" conventional wisdom about (public) schools.

Big schools CAN work IF they are teacher-led...The story examines the hard work of some classroom teachers in a large school in Brockton, MA. This effort was led by a teacher, Susan Szachowicz, who has since become administrator. Her effort focused primarily on writing. They got everybody in the whole school to teach writing--or to try, which is the same thing.

This universal approach to teaching/learning was a primary component of the Kentucky Education Reform Act in the '90's--a concentrated effort to re-train every teacher in every field to be able to teach and evaluate basic components of good writing. (Seems like a small thing to ask that all teachers be able to write as well as we expect their students to...)

The Kentucky writing program was very similar to Oregon's failed (and expensive) CIM/CAM experiment--the major exception being that, in Kentucky, a portfolio of writing papers was submitted by every student, evaluated by in-building teachers and and THEN RANDOMLY SAMPLED at the state level to assess accuracy of the initial evaluation.

Otherwise known as "accountability."

In the seven years I taught writing in Oregon at the middle and high school levels, I was never aware of anyone double-checking my assessment of a CIM paper...

My point is that the article in today's Times can be misleading and should not be. The point of the article--that mega-schools can work--should not overshadow the inherent truth in the article: That a group of dedicated teachers took the initiative to seek out the cooperation of the entire staff to do the right thing for their students.

Having participated in the Kentucky reform in the early '90's, when veteran PE and art teachers were dragged kicking and screaming through writing seminars, I know what Dr. Szachowicz must have experienced in the early days. That she now has empirical evidence (and a front page article in the Times) to support her theories is like a winning record for the coach: She can now press ahead with genuine classroom education. It would seem that she is not letting the influential parent of a dance team member or a few potential Division 1 athletes draw unmerited attention from her mission.

Big schools can work if everybody does what the principal asks...and if the principal is asking for the right kinds of stuff. Unfortunately, it is much easier to build a few monolithic, big-budget, media-genic programs, involve some influential parents seeking status, canonize the privileged teacher who gets all those percs not available to real classroom teachers...and then call it all a "school." It is important to recognize that the Times article is not, as it appears, an argument for big schools; it is rather an argument for teacher-led schools...as opposed to schools led by administrators who have often fled the classroom and are cronies of the school board members or administrators who have themselves gained positions for which they are not qualified. This sort of bureaucratic corruption is, unfortunately, more the rule than the exception in our contemporary society. It remains dangerous to create big schools, even if they can work, because a lot of power becomes centralized and the ability of the school to serve the most vulnerable of its students is proportionately damaged.

That's who we are failing. Those kids...and the teachers who struggle teach them. I know.


Chase Fulton in scenes from Westview High School Media "Dream Girl" and "Erika the Existential Eggplant"

Trevor Crowe and Eric Ball in a scene from DREAM GIRL (Westview HS Beaverton Oregon 2001)

Correspondence with Katherine Wentzel, representing the state of Oregon

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010 6:36 AM
To: representative.citizen@state.or.us
Subject: "Protelo est Ministro"
From: bellairsd@yahoo.com [mailto:bellairsd@yahoo.com]
Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
< bellairsd@yahoo.com> on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 06:36:18
first_name: Don
last_name: Bellairs
guest_city: Beaverton
guest_state: OR
guest_zip: 97005


I have worked very hard, both as a teacher serving children whom others
did not wish to teach and as a citizen asking for fair treatment and due
process of law from Oregon 's Office of Adminstrative Hearings.

Thank you for you immediate attention. Please investigate the manner in
which the director of a state agency, Victoria Chamberlain of the TSPC,
abused her authority to harass me for almost four years. Her intention
was to sabotage a case in federal court to protect her associates in the
Beaverton Schools and the OEA.

The websites listed above detail a "million dollar law suit" used in

conflict of interest while allowing conspiring attorneys to delay the
appeal of an "FDAB" ruling for over 2 years. The OEA continues to
refuse to acknowledge Doyle's misconduct and Victoria Chamberlain's
improper efforts to coerce a signature on a "confession" document to shelter BSD officials..

Perhaps the leadership at Oregon 's state house will set a better example?

From: GOV Citizen Representative
To: bellairsd@yahoo.com
Sent: Tue, August 31, 2010 2:29:54 PM
Subject: RE: "Protelo est Ministro"
\August 31, 2010

Dear Mr. Bellairs:
Thank you for contacting the Governor's office regarding the Teacher
Standards and Practices Commission and your employment with the
Beaverton School District . Governor Kulongoski has asked that I respond
on his behalf.

The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) is responsible for
establishing, upholding and enforcing professional standards of
excellence for the benefit of Oregon 's students. TSPC receives
complaints from citizens and those bound by Oregon 's reporting
requirements. Complaints against educators are investigated under
Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators and
disciplinary sanctions are imposed in accordance with Oregon Revised
Statutes and Administrative Rules. As you are aware, due process is
established by way of contested case hearing. We understand an
Administrative Law Judge heard your case and issued a Proposed Order on
January 26, 2007. We are also aware you filed exceptions to both the
Proposed Order and Amended Proposed Order in addition to presenting oral
argument to the Commission on March 16, 2007. On August 3, 2007, TSPC
adopted a Final Order, suspending your Oregon Standard Teaching License
effective August 6, 2007. While we realize you disagree with their
findings, legally, the Governor cannot affect their decisions.
Constitutional principals of separation of powers prohibit the Governor
from interfering in matters that fall under the judicial branch of
government. Further, the Governor does not have authority over local or
federal matters, nor can he involve himself in union matters. Issues
regarding your employment with the Beaverton School District involve a
local entity and do not fall within the Governor's jurisdiction.

Because the Oregon Education Association is a union, it would be
inappropriate for the Governor to involve himself in their services or
representation for union members. Since concerns regarding breach of
contract, wrongful termination or misrepresentation would be legal in
nature, you may want to seek legal counsel. The Oregon State Bar (OSB)
Lawyer Referral Program can provide information on attorneys in your
area and their Modest Means Program to those who qualify. You may
contact OSB at 1-800-452-7636 or visit their website at http://www.osbar.org/.

Katherine Wentzel
Citizens' Contact Analyst
From: Don Bellairs [mailto: bellairsd@yahoo.com ]
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2010 5:09 PM
To: GOV Citizen Representative
Subject: Please contact me...Re: "Protelo est Ministro"
Ms. Wentzel,
I am eager to meet with a representative of the Governor's office to voice my concern about the reforms needed in our state's teacher discipline process and about the improper influence of lawyers, particularly those associated with the OEA, on the practice of education in Oregon .
Thank you for your attention.

Don Bellairs, teacher

Mon, September 13, 2010 4:13:53 PM
RE: Please contact me...Re: "Protelo est Ministro"
From: GOV Citizen Representative View Contact
To: Don Bellairs

September 13, 2010
Dear Mr. Bellairs:
Thank you for contacting the Governor’s office regarding the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). We have noted your concerns regarding TSPC and have previously responded regarding the Governor’s authority to affect its decisions.

Licensing requirements and TSPC’s authority is established under state statutes. Any changes to the laws regulating licensure or its authority would require an act of legislation. Therefore, we suggest you to share your concerns with your state legislators directly. Information on your legislators is available by calling 1-800-332-2313 or online at www.leg.state.or.us.

Again, thank you for contacting the Governor’s office. I regret we are unable to assist you further in this matter.

Katherine Wentzel
Citizens’ Contact Analyst
Outtakes from 2003 Westview High School media project "Wishes, Wisemen and Little Pigs"
With Mike "Puppy" McDonald, Fritz Brayton, Larry Arnold, Ryan Varella and many others...

It's a Small, Small World: Linda Borquist of Leslie Associates continues to earn public education money as a high-priced consultant...

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To David Wilkinson, Westview teacher and BEA president, seeking union accountability

From: Don Bellairs
To: David Wilkinson
Cc: michael_sanderson@beavton.k12.or.us; andrew_brown@beavton.k12.or.us; michael_dellerba@beavton.k12.or.us; jon_evans@beavton.k12.or.us; vince_jones@beavton.k12.or.us; pat_mccreery@beavton.k12.or.us; furl_kamakaala@beavton.k12.or.us; greg_therrien@beavton.k12.or.us... more

9 Files View Slideshow Download All
06 Aug 16 Doyle email about 2nd settlement.jpg (530KB); 06 Jan 6 Doyle email ALJ Sloan called 15 min ago to reset.jpg (730KB); 06 Jan 31 06 email from Doyle explaining Sloan's decision.doc (43KB); 06 Oct 10 Sue Robertson response p 2.jpg (662KB); 06 Oct 10 Sue Robertson response p 1.jpg (703KB); 07 Apri 24 L Wolf letter of denial.jpg (920KB); 07 Aug 10 V.Chamberlain Re Final Order.JPG (220KB); 07 June 5 letter from OAH administrator David Gerstenfeld letter p 1.jpg (1081KB); 07 June 5 letter from OAH administrator David Gerstenfeld letter p 2.jpg (336KB)

To David Wilkinson, president
Beaverton Education Association

As you are aware, I have been working for several years to receive fair treatment for the dues I paid to the Oregon Education Association for ten years.

It has been a long and painful struggle, and unnecessary. My mother was dying, I had been cheated by building principals and I had asked the HR chief to let me quit... I was stupid enough to think the OEA leadership was protecting teachers, not just the occasional pedophile whom Hungerford and Vickie Chamberlain return to the classroom with secrecy agreements...

Prior to Jerome Colonna's retirement at the end of this school year, I intend to seek whatever means are at my disposal to expose the cruel and illegal way I was manipulated by the former Beaverton lawyers working with OEA lawyer Tom Doyle, who was paid with teacher money to provide tacit protection to Malcolm Dennis and other Beaverton administrators who had violated state and federal laws concerning employment practices.

I am hopeful you will show up at some point on the side of the teachers you represent. The reason that so many unqualified administrators enjoy long careers is directly related to a system of teacher discipline that is slanted and unfair to classroom teachers. The lawyers being paid education money are making out like bandits. The word roughly describes Tom Doyle, the scummy liar who manipulated me and my wife..

You must know I am serious, Mr. union president, when I tell you that I intend for as many dues-paying members as I can contact in Beaverton to understand how much you know and how long you have known it. Tom Husted is retiring to Hawaii after serving on the Board of the BEF and betraying the human beings who depended on him for job protection. That statement is proven by the attachments to this message as well as a number of documents posted on the blog appropriated titled "Oregon Education Association Fraud."

The reason the country is going to hell, Mr. Wilkinson, is because no one in leadership is held accountable for their conduct. Big shots use Other People's Money to pay lawyers like Nancy Hungerford to trash people like me--who are naive and unaware of Hungerfords relationship to the OES and the TSPC. Someone has to stand up. Your organization continues to are steal from me every day that the TSPC defames me with "FDAB" testimony by former administrators whom you, Ms. Vaandering and Ms. Parks are sheltering from accountability.

You are stealing from my family and my profession every day you remain silent.

I am hopeful you will proactively seek the legal and honorable goal of allowing me to communicate with the OEA oversight board about my mistreatment by OEA attorneysTom Doyle and Mark Toledo at a time when I desperately needed my union. If you choose not to, I will assume you have taken the side of my adversaries and are motivated by self-interest and greed rather than the mission for which your colleagues chose you. If that is the case, it is unfortunate. As you know, teaching is a hard job, even when the union is effective.

Don Bellairs, teacher


"A Little Less Democracy..." Or a little less oversight? Beaverton Schools eliminate parent oversight position

"Cuts in education funding may lead to a little less democracy in the Beaverton and Forest Grove school districts."

Wendy Owen, Oregonian education reporter
The Beaverton school leaders already have a huge secret account for hiding administrative blunders (Anitha Reddy The Oregonian January 10, 2005  BEAVERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT SETTLES RACIAL BIAS SUIT).  Now they are removing one source for community oversight.  If they needed to save money, perhaps our secretive public servants should have behaved in such a way that they could tell the public why Amy Gordon, former Southridge principal, was paid $120,000 to stay home last year (administrative leave for unspecified reasons).

Comedy of errors: Linda Borquist, formerly HR director of Beaverton Schools, now leads search for new Redmond School District superintendent?!?

The Redmond district seems to be a pipeline to SW Portland school districts.  But what is Borquist doing in REDMOND?  The Beaverton School Board forced her out for misconduct...

This is why Oregon schools are mismanaged.

Response to Christina Lent, Beaverton Valley-Times Sept 10, 2010

As drama teacher, I learned to hold auditions before crating scripts for 60 middle school kids--to find out who had accents and who could do things like juggle or ride a unicycle and then I was able to incorporate those discoveries in the script. As an English and video production teacher Oregon's largest high school, I kept a guitar in the corner of my classroom.  It was the only reason some kids came to class.  So I was pleased to read about community support for the arts.  However, it is important to remember that a lot of people throw large sums of money around and associate themselves with good deeds when they are, instead, demonstrating self-serving and ambitious conduct.

Mr. Colonna' photo, located above the fold on the hard copy accompanying this article in the Valley-Times (digital version: Sept. 8, 2010) reminded me of the line from Julius Caesar in which Brutus notes that "yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look."

I have been at odds with Mr. Colonna and his highly-paid lawyers for more than six years and have found that he will use public resources to protect his image and vindictively punish dissidents and whistle-blowers.

To many, he is a fine and admirable man who has led a large school district during difficult times. To me, he is a phony who will soon retire in comfort and quite probably hire himself out as an expert or consultant to the people whom he now employs.  All of this is done with public education money.  His publicist places his photo on the front page when the Beaverton administration is acquiring some big money, but he is phantom-like when his underlings are addressing issues pertaining to secrecy agreements and misbehaving administrators.

Six years ago, this same man who now smiles at us from above the fold of the local paper signed a recommendation for my dismissal as a teacher at Westview High School, a document that listed an array of false and exaggerated charges created for him by unethical lawyers paid with money that taxpayers had intended for public education.  He and the former associate superintendent, Linda Borquist, had hired a big shot lawyer from Oregon City, Nancy Hungerford, who may be best-known for making "pass-the-trash" deals to help administrators stay out of the news.  I was told by Borquist, when we met at Tom McCall Park four years after my termination, that Hungerford's firm made more education money from those secret deals than all the other law firms in Oregon...together.  Hungerford was Oregon school administrators' professional teacher assassin and Jerry hired her after I told him I had been cheated by my building principals, he allowed a vicious below-the-belt attack on my career and reputation, even though he knew I had asked to quit and was trying to deal with a seriously-ill parent.

So I was really glad his photo was not a part of the online article...it was easier for me to read.

I can say this comment about the grant: Public, beware of programs with cute titles.  Practice oversight and expect accountability.  That is a lot of money changing hands and all of it belongs to public education.  Sometimes,when it earmarked to serve the under-served...well, it needs more watching.  Those parents don't have a voice in the Beaverton Schools.  And, as i learned while my mom was dying, those teachers don't have a voice in the OEA...I was asking for oversight of my legal "advocacy" within weeks of being appointed a lawyer whose resume' included helping redesign PERS--with Borquist, the administrator who had fired me.

Still today, I cannot think about the betrayal of my teachers' union without risking rising blood pressure.

I saw a quote from Kristine Baggett, who currently heads the Beaverton fund raising foundation.  Mrs. Baggett, whose son I once taught (like I once taught the sons of Mrs. Borquist--who lied under oath; Pam Lass, a Meadow Park counselor who provided damaging false information used years later in my licensure discipline; and Leeann Larsen, current BSD board member who is helping Mr. Colonna avoid accountability). Mrs. Baggett must be aware that her predecessor, Janet Hogue, used donated money to accompany her daughter's drama club to Scotland in the summer of '03--a nice field trip for some select kids (among them the school board chairman's daughter) occurring fortuitously just before they had to write those pesky college entrance essays about significant formative events.  The rest of us were told that the budget was tight and to stay in the building that year.

While I worked at Westview, I was at various times a teacher of English for 9th and 10th graders, the TV productions teacher for 10-12th grades (combined), the media studies teacher for classes that included 9th through 12th graders combined, a keyboarding class instructor (Westview's' version of a rubber room, maybe?), and a creative writing teacher for 10th through 12th graders.  At one time or another, I was sponsor of the Anime' club and the sign language club and worked as PA announcer for the girls' softball and varsity football teams.  I was selected to be Activities Director by the school's founding principal when he retired, so I worked for an entire year on the Westview administrative team and oversaw student gov't and large events such as the prom and school-wide civic activities.  I even worked as assistant with girls' varsity basketball. And, with Craig Crandall--a former student who's relationship with me was misrepresented by BSD lawyers without his knowledge--held the first school-supported, Homecoming-affiliated skateboard championship in the state.

I embraced my work.  But sadly, I learned early on to have other adults in my classes at WestviewVangorder, a Westview assistant principal, were veteran employees who were unsupportive and antagonistic toward me from the start and I had learned in my first summer there ('97) that Linda Borquist, the HR chief, was not constrained by respect for her employees--even those who worked with her son.  So I actively sought parent volunteers for my classes and clubs and, as I always had a disproportionate number of students from various special programs, I had access to aides from time to time.

Rarely did I work with children without other adults present.  At Westview, that did not matter. When it was time for me to defend my record, I was manipulated by the union lawyer and have never been able to call teachers who were present at various events or Craig Crandall and the other students, parents and colleagues who were used by Borquist, Vangorder and former principal Malcolm Dennis to discredit my work history.  Mike Chamberlain, Westview's current principal, earned his promotion by lying about me under oath after supervising me for three months, and Hollis Lekas, the administrator who actually told me I was fired and later sent (illegally) a list of undocumented false charges to the teacher licensing commission, was a former neighbor (and creditor) of Janet Hogue, the affluent community member about whom I voiced concerned to Mr. Colonna, just eight days prior to my departure from the Beaverton schools.

As a Beaverton employee, I was appropriately and vigorously involved in the developmental lives of ALL of my students and, often, their extended families.  I have never been allowed to offer rebuttal witnesses to counter the Beaverton lawyer's charges.  The director of the licensing agency tried to force me to sign a confession and then suspended my license because I refused, THREE AND 1/2 YEARS AFTER Lekas sent them the notice. It is worth noting that Jerry Colonna was one of the commissioners who hired the licensing lady who harassed me for years on his behalf.

So, as the public is invited by the V-T to celebrate the Beaverton community's good fortune, it is wise to be wary...Mr. Colonna sometimes does not tell the truth.  He stacks the deck; he does not play fair and he is capable of using copious amounts of public money to conceal the conduct of his administrators. Certainly, that the community was able to raise money for our kids should not provide camouflage for his covert operations as a bureaucratic insider who has exploited his employees. (To his credit, he inherited a highly dysfunctional leadership team from Yvonne "Kickback" Katz and had made wholesale administrative changes for a half dozen years...)

So I am happy that Mr. Colonna's image did not accompany the online article because to me, his is the countenance of hypocrisy.  What I experienced because I worked for him should never happen to teachers who serve in public education.

In places where officials like Jerry actually practice oversight, I am certain it does not.


Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's fundraising organization, the BEF...

Janet Hogue, then CEO of the BSD's  fundraising organization, the BEF...
...representing herself as superintendent.

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson

Oct 06 letter from new BSD HR director Sue Robertson
...blocking access to evidence that would demonstrate Beaverton administrative misconduct.

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Response to Sue Robertson, BSD HR chief, concerning false allegations to conceal misconduct

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Letter from Jennifer Hungerford, former Beaverton atty referencing BSD money manager Dan Thomas

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...

Hollis Lekas, former Beaverton HR admin., June 2004 "complaint" to TSPC...
...after waiting on FDAB results.

Justice delayed...

Justice delayed...

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

...is justice denied, Tom Doyle-style

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty

Former TSPC investigator Nisbet working unethically with Tom Doyle, OEA atty
Her actions were designed to affect the outcome of a federal lawsuit. She lost her job consequently (Like me, she was small enough to fail). The improper use of TSPC "stipulations" and "pass-the-trash" deals effectively lets lawyers and bureaucrats in Oregon education play "God" with student welfare and teacher careers...

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle

TSPC director Vickie Chamberlain trying to work a "deal" with Doyle
Signing stipulations to protect BSD administrators who violated employment and civil rights laws

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud

OEA Legal Conceals Fraud
Mark Toledo tries to cover up for Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle

Former OEA President Larry Wolf denial of illegal civil suit filed by OEA atty Tom Doyle
Wolf abdicates leadership of union's membership to OEA "Advocacy"